I am a certified TA psychotherapist (CTA-P) and provisional teacher and supervisor (PTSTA-P). I work with clients in individual, partner and group therapies in Naklo and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Relationships with people are very important to me, and through them I always rediscover and learn about the dimensions of human nature. I am researching the field of psychosomatics; the intersection of body and psyche and the relationship to one’s own body.

Lately my interests go to researching transference/countertransference process and cultural diversity and cultural scripts. These are also the topics I like to prepare workshops on, in addition to cultural diversity.

Since 2019, I am further training at the Eric Bern Institute in the UK. I also teach and supervise TA students and other psychotherapeutic modalities. I run several supervision groups. As part of my work, I especially enjoy teaching, working with international groups and preparing students for CTA exam.

2005 graduated from the Faculty for Sports (prof. of sport education)
2010 – 2013 study of TA psychotherapy – IPTA
2013  EMDR – level 1
2014 – 2015 professional development program – IPSA
2016 – 2017 study of propedeutics at Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana
2018 CTA-P exam in London
2020 obtained the title of provisional teacher and supervisor (PTSTA-P)


Fotografija: Ben White (Unsplash)


In 2012 and 2013, I moderated the group of the Association for Helping People with Depression and Anxiety Disorders – DAM in Kranj. In 2015, I was a member of the executive board of SLOVENTa – the Slovenian umbrella association for TA. In recent years, I have collaborated with OZAR – the national association for quality of life and ŠENT – the Slovenian Association for Mental Health in Kranj.

I am a member of SLOVENTA (Slovenian Umbrella Association for Transactional Analysis), which operates under SKZP (Slovenian Umbrella Association for Psychotherapy) and under the auspices of EATE (European Association for Transactional Analysis) and I am a member of SINTE (Slovenian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis). Since 202, I have also been a full member of the ITAA (World Organization for Transactional Analysis).

I am a certified psychotherapist of transactional analytical psychotherapy (CTA-P),  provisional teacher and supervisor (PTSTA-P). Professional titles:
– certified transaction analysis psychotherapist (CTA-P),
– teacher and supervisor (PTSTA-P),
– EMDR therapist – 1st level,
– prof. physical education.

I have been working with clients in private practice since 2012. I also apply TA in my work with sportsmen/women in psychological preparation for competitions.